“Interested. See my profile.”

From time to time I see people write a post on LinkedIn stating that they have a job opening. The post gives a brief job description and then interested parties are left to their own devices to apply for the position.

Personally, I like these little throw outs to the world. It kind of reminds me of the little help wanted signs you used to see in the windows of the mom and pop shops around the country. “I’m hiring come see me if you’re interested.” That’s basically what these LinkedIn posts are saying. It’s the responses that I see that are a bit befuddling to me though.

The most common reply to this type of post that I see is something along the lines of “Interested. See my profile.”

What are you really telling the potential employer with that response? Ultimately, you’re telling the employer “you need me more than I need you, so come get me if you want me.” I don’t believe that is a very good marketing tool for yourself, and it really does come across as arrogant or ignorant.

I asked people about this response and the most common retort I receive is “They didn’t leave contact information.” While on the surface this is true, but take it past that very superficial statement and you’ll find that you can simply click on the poster’s profile to get all of the contact information you need. I’m certain people are doing that, which means all of the people simply saying “Interested. See my profile” are already out of contention.

Here’s what you do. You click on the poster’s profile and send him/her a message. In essence, this message will be a personalized cover letter. “Greetings, my name is so and so and I saw your job opening on your LinkedIn post. Based on the information provided I am a good fit because……I would like to get more information about this opportunity and the company. Please let me know where I can send my resume. Thank you for taking the time to post the opening and for reading this message.

After doing this, please make sure you also do your own search for contact information within the company. Sometimes the person posting the opening is not in the hiring or decision making area within the company, they are simply trying to help get the word out. With that being said, the poster may not get back to you with the information you seek. If that is the case, then at least you know the position that is open and the company that has the unfilled position. A simple search should result the proper avenues for applying. Just remember that you will need to re-personalize your cover letter and make your resume specific to the job opening. In the cover letter make reference to the LinkedIn post and the person who posted it. This will make it more personal to the company rather than just a random resume they get in the mail (or email).

Lastly, this article isn’t intended to be the end all be all of how to reply to a job post on LinkedIn. If you have ideas or strategies for this please share them in the comments section. I’m always open to learning and LinkedIn is a platform for us to all learn from each other.

*previously posted on LinkedIn

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