Core Values

Does your company have a set of core values?

I believe all companies have core values, buy may not know what they are. You see, core values is really about how you conduct business. It’s the things that a company insists upon doing and refuses to compromise. Some companies write down these core values while others don’t.

Core values are important to define, understand, and share with all employees of the company. Shared core values informs the team members of how the company operates, treats its customers or clientele, and serves as the goal to strive for.

For instance, a fast food restaurant with a customer first core value has a conflict with a customer, the employee who knows the core values will simply apologize for the misunderstanding and make a correction. However, if “customer first” is not a core value, then the employee may argue with the customer rather than just making the customer happy.

The above examples both occurred at the same restaurant, although on separate days. Why such a difference from the same location? Ultimately, it comes down to the core values. The employee who argued with the customer either was unaware of the core values or did not buy into the core values. When an employee does not buy into the core values, then action must be taken; this can be further training or termination if need be. If it was ignorance, then the training and on-boarding process needs to be closely examined.

Core values are only effective when employees know them and act accordingly.

So, here is a bit of homework for you, and I hope you will share your results. Take an index card and give it to each employee who reports to you and have them write down what they believe the core values are. Give them until the end of the day to do so and return the card to you. Read all of the cards and see if what they wrote matches what the company has declared to be the core values. This can be an eye opening moment for you and the company.

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