Job Titles Matter

Job titles matter; so do job descriptions and company expectations. I routinely look at help wanted ads for safety professionals. I started doing this when I was new to the career field as a means to ensure I was directing my learning on the items companies were seeking. It started as a simple idea and has become a habit even when I’m not seeking other opportunities. I recommend this to all safety professionals.

A side effect of this habit is that I’ve gained some insight into corporate culture and I’d like to help. The little things like seeking a safety coordinator for a jobsite and requiring a CSP. A CSP is an elite level credential and a coordinator is an entry level title. It’s a conflict and makes safety professionals raise an eyebrow of concern about the entire organization. I admit the above example is in the extreme.

If you have an ad for hiring a safety professional, but aren’t familiar with the profession, please reach out to me. I’ll gladly, without expectation of compensation, review the ad and provide my thoughts. I regularly advise people to tailor their resumes to the role, the ad and the company doing the hiring. I’d also like to help companies tailor their ads to find exactly what they’re looking for.

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