Training after Training

With ASSP 2019 in full effect and the dozens of training sessions taking place, I thought I’d speak to training. Of course, we recently sent 2 apprentices offsite for a week of non-safety related training as well.

Here’s the thing about training as a whole: If you don’t use it, you will lose it. The sooner you use it, the more likely you are to retain it. Also, if you go into the training uncertain if or when you will use it, you are less likely to be diligent about the learning process.

There are many fixes for this, or at least strategies to increase the chance of success. The strategy that I like to use most is this: Anyone going off to training at company expense must conduct an informal training for the team upon their return.

I’ve used this method on myself to help me stay focused during training sessions and it also helps my team. I understand this isn’t necessarily train the trainer class and doesn’t qualify for credential, but good information is relayed and that is much more important than a certificate.

So, attend the training sessions that apply to your field and plan to train others when you get back home. It will help your retention and educate others.

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