Test Questions

Our team is re-working our site orientation program starting with behavior, leadership and culture. From there we get into the safe work rules. Since every orientation has to have a test to document information retention we are creating all new test questions.

In my experiences, too often tests are designed to ensure workers pass on move on to the real work. Questions like “True or False: It is ok to punch a co-worker in the face if it is done in the parking lot.”

I exaggerate, but you get the point. The answers are blatantly obvious and serve no purpose. When creating test questions, think first of what you want these team members to know when they leave the room and enter the field. Then ask those questions.

Also, test time is a good time for influencing behavioral expectations. “We will be providing everyone the test at the end of orientation and give them a time limit to finish. We will also instruct them to use all available resources to answer the questions.”

My goal is to get them to talk with each other, use their notes and get accustomed to leaning on each other. If they get stumped, they can contact us. After all, we are a resource as well. It should be noisy. This is what I want them to do in the field.

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