Trade Schools

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about trade schools. When I was a lousy student in high school trade schools were looked down upon. I remember distinctly my high school guidance counselor frowning at me (I think she thought she was smiling) and telling me “College isn’t for everybody, but there’s a nice trade school in Kirkland that may work for people like you.”

I think those were the exact words, though the way it was said sounded more like “Well, aren’t you just a 2nd rate individual who’s too stupid for college. Why don’t you just go work with your hands and leave college for the smart people?”

So, decades later, this is still in my head and I think I’d like to run a trade school, create a public and private partnership; work with companies to gather information for curriculum. But who would teach?

Does this sound like a good idea? Who in my network would teach? Who’s interested enough to do something about it?

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  1. Trade Schools aren’t the answer. Real Apprenticeships are. Schools even colleges tend to lag behind the workforce, in both technology and thinking. Whereas companies especially construction companies work to stay ahead of the competition because the competition in construction is so fierce. For example even small construction companies will put out the money for canned estimating, accounting , and takeoff programs, because they increase efficiency. and shaving a half percent of the OH cost can mean the difference between being awarded a job and coming in second.


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