The things companies say they are looking for

Companies are pushing more and more for the soft skills in their hiring decisions.

They are looking for people who are skilled listeners and seek to understand people and problems rather than simply condemning performance or outcomes.

They are looking for people who act as servants to their teams to ensure long term success rather than dictators who simply tell their subordinates what to do and when.

They are looking for coaches who seek to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the workers rather than being disciplinarians when mistakes are made.

They are looking for people who take active interest in educating their direct reports and other affected parties rather than simply standing in front of them giving a lecture.

What would you give to find someone like that; an educator, coach, wise and understanding servant leader of the team? Where can you find such a person? Well, I’ll tell you. Take a look around at the safety professionals (not techs or inspectors or officers…professionals) and there you will find those qualities.

There is so much more to a safety professional than rules, regulations and worker’s comp. Test us.

*previously posted on LinkedIn

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