Growth is Good

I’ve been away on vacation the past week, which is why I’ve been absent. I decided to take time away from social media while visiting with friends and watching a special one get married.

As I watched him dance with his new bride I couldn’t help but notice how much they have both grown over the years. The couple danced to an upbeat song and even grabbed a microphone to lip sync the duet. It was hilarious and entertaining.

When they first met, the bride would never have done such a thing in public. It was amazing to see the application of her transformation. As for my buddy, I could always see him wanting to do something like, but deferring to the bride’s feelings. However, she has given him a depth and a confidence to be more influential. Not just with her though, but at work and in other social circles.

I think back to how I have grown over the years. How I’ve gained wisdom and developed professionally. I’ll always have the blind spots that others can see and I won’t until they tell me, but that’s ok. Growth is good. Take a look around you, at the people you’ve been around for years, and think about the changes. Let them know how awesome they are and encourage them to never let others prevent them from growing and changing.

*previously posted on LinkedIn

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