I’ve discovered over the course of my career that the term “conducted coaching” is used quite liberally. It’s unfortunate. While there are many good ways to conduct coaching, here is how I like to work and encourage others to do the same.

Stop: Stop walking and examine the actions and conditions to fully grasp the nature of the work being conducted.

Talk: Talk to the crew and the lead person with the crew, typically a foreman or general foreman. Ask them to explain the work and the thought process behind their methods.

Understand: Listen for understanding, not for rebuttal. Listen so that you can understand the work scope and their thought process. This allows you the opportunity to get to the root of the deficiency to prevent repeat occurrence.

Educate: Once you have full understanding of their work scope and thought process, educate them on where in the process that things went wrong and make the correction at that level.

Anything less than that is simply treating a symptom rather than finding a cure.

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