Don’t Tell me ‘Who’, Tell me ‘Why’

Throughout my career as a safety professional, I've seen a plethora of safety audit forms. These forms, while a useful tool, place a lot of focus on identifying unsafe conditions. However, most fail to place enough emphasis on unsafe behaviors. Example: Ladders: Are ladders tied off? Answer: No Corrective action: Tie off ladder. Most unsafe... Continue Reading →

The things companies say they are looking for

Companies are pushing more and more for the soft skills in their hiring decisions. They are looking for people who are skilled listeners and seek to understand people and problems rather than simply condemning performance or outcomes. They are looking for people who act as servants to their teams to ensure long term success rather... Continue Reading →

What is a Safety Professional?

Being called a safety professional isn't granted to a person simply based on their job title. Job titles are important, but a safety coordinator can be a safety professional while a safety director may simple be a safety ass. Yes, I said it. Being a safety professional is about how you implement safety and interact... Continue Reading →

Operational Issues with a Safety Consequence

Perhaps the most difficult part of being a safety professional is influencing others who do not report to us to perform their tasks in a manner that their supervisor doesn't care about or believe in. We can train, encourage, and provide incentives all day long. We can document all of the learning, gather all of... Continue Reading →

Test Questions

Our team is re-working our site orientation program starting with behavior, leadership and culture. From there we get into the safe work rules. Since every orientation has to have a test to document information retention we are creating all new test questions. In my experiences, too often tests are designed to ensure workers pass on... Continue Reading →

Acknowledge and Respond

One of my principles to establishing and maintaining a good safety culture among the crew members is to acknowledge and respond to their concerns in a timely manner. Some instances I can provide a resolution on the spot and other times it may require consulting with others and getting approvals (such as ideas for hard... Continue Reading →

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