Let’s Talk About Mentoring

Mentoring is a long-term commitment between two individuals designed to help the mentee achieve measurable and non-measurable goals. Let’s break this down. Long term: Since this is a vague term that could mean anything between weeks and decades let’s put some meat to it. The duration of a mentorship program is determined by the goals... Continue Reading →

Outcome Based Incident Response

Is your incident reaction based on outcome or behavior? Most companies react based on outcome. Take a moment and think of your company safety program in action. Do you treat a near miss, a first aid and a recordable the same? Is the investigation the same? Disciplinary action the same? Priority of communication the same?... Continue Reading →

Test Questions

Our team is re-working our site orientation program starting with behavior, leadership and culture. From there we get into the safe work rules. Since every orientation has to have a test to document information retention we are creating all new test questions. In my experiences, too often tests are designed to ensure workers pass on... Continue Reading →

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