Mentoring is a long-term commitment between two individuals designed to help the mentee achieve measurable and non-measurable goals. Let’s break this down.

Long term: Since this is a vague term that could mean anything between weeks and decades let’s put some meat to it. The duration of a mentorship program is determined by the goals discussed during the initial conversation. However, I believe a minimum duration should be 6 months. I believe most mentorships will be longer and, if done right, will end up being an informal life-long commitment.

Two Individuals: This is a partnership between the mentor and the mentee with each individual having an obligation to the other.

  • The mentor is to provide sound guidance, ask key questions to best understand the needs of the mentee, offer encouragement and provide additional directions as they arise.
  • The mentee is obligated to be introspective, honest and open to information.
  • The mentors are not being paid for their services, therefore it is the mentees’ responsibility to initiate communication, ask questions and make the phone calls on the agreed upon dates.

Measurable Goals: In a mentor/mentee relationship goals should be established in order to define the mentees’ needs and what success looks like. Goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

  • Example: “Obtain my Bachelors of Science in Occupational Safety and Health with a 3.5 gpa or better by June 2020.” This goal is Specific down to the GPA; Measurable based upon the receiving a diploma; Attainable for a senior in college; Relevant for the safety profession and Time-bound by June 2020.

Non-Measurable Goals: There are some goals that aren’t so easily measured, but are essential nonetheless. Non-measurable goals do need to be defined and clarified. A statement like “I want to be a better safety professional” is a great goal, but what does that really look like? Mentors need to help break that statement down into definable pieces. Sometimes, by breaking it down we can turn some non-measurable goals into measurable goals. Most of the vital skills of safety fall in the non-measurable goals categories. “Be a better safety professional” can be:

  • Establishing relationships with staff and crew
  • How to influence others without creating conflict
  • How to handle conflict
  • How to have the difficult conversations

Somewhat measurable goals: Although this isn’t listed in the definition of mentoring, it is something to consider. A “somewhat measurable goal” is a goal where training can be provided, but the application of the training can’t be measured.

  • Example: A person can read a book or take a class on conflict management. This can be measured simply by reading the book or taking the class, but the application of what is learned is not measurable.

Our Mentors

Corey MartinFounder and CEO of Spotlight Safety and Brew Safer, blends a unique combination of scientific research and EHS experience to provide organizations with high quality safety trainings, materials, and regulatory guidance. ~SEE MORE

Jason Lucas – A dynamic content creator and speaker that inspires others on how to accomplish their goals. ~SEE MORE

Jason Maldonado – Developed a passion for teaching the importance of working safely and helping others figure out how to accomplish that mission while serving in the United States Air Force as an explosive safety technician. ~SEE MORE

Jeremy King – Serves as a Principal Owner and Senior Safety Consultant at Construction Safety Pro’s, LLC (CSP Safety). His approach has led to success in winning the hearts and minds of people at all levels of an organization. ~SEE MORE

Joey Tilghman – Owner and founder of Executive Coastal Safety (ECS). He has been a coach and mentor in Safety for 10 years. ~SEE MORE

Lindsay K. Bell – is a professional member of ASSP and serves as Delegate and Chapter WISE Co-Chair for the National Capital Chapter. She participates in the BISE and WISE mentoring program and has had a successful mentor/mentee matches for over 4 years. ~SEE MORE

Michael King – Founder of, he has a track record of improving safety cultures through employee engagement and team-building with line workers, supervisors, staff and executives resulting in an increase of reporting and a decrease in injuries. ~SEE MORE

Michael Kleinpeter – A Safety Manager with various construction companies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for over 20 years after an almost five-year stint in the United States Army as a Combat Medic. ~SEE MORE

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