Michael King

The founder of SafetyRefined.com, Michael King has been a Safety Professional since 2006 with experience in the Fabrication, Industrial, Civil/Heavy Civil and Construction industries. He has a track record of improving safety cultures through employee engagement and team-building with line workers, supervisors, staff and executives resulting in an increase of reporting and a decrease in injuries. His focus is providing leadership, growth, direction and mentorship to those he works with during the course of the day, and to provide influence within the organization. “As a person on the leadership team, it is my responsibility to ensure communication is being provided up and down the command structure.”

Michael believes in continual learning and that none of us have all the answers. “What we don’t use, we often forget.” He conducts recruiting and behavior-based interviewing to find top-tier talent, implements employee goal setting and onboarding programs, implements employee evaluation programs and leadership development. He also conducts exit interviews to gather data to improve the company and employee retention.

Michael volunteers as a mentor for active duty military members and veterans with Veterati.com, and Everwise.com for civilians.

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