Don’t Tell me ‘Who’, Tell me ‘Why’

Throughout my career as a safety professional, I've seen a plethora of safety audit forms. These forms, while a useful tool, place a lot of focus on identifying unsafe conditions. However, most fail to place enough emphasis on unsafe behaviors. Example: Ladders: Are ladders tied off? Answer: No Corrective action: Tie off ladder. Most unsafe... Continue Reading →

What is a Safety Professional?

Being called a safety professional isn't granted to a person simply based on their job title. Job titles are important, but a safety coordinator can be a safety professional while a safety director may simple be a safety ass. Yes, I said it. Being a safety professional is about how you implement safety and interact... Continue Reading →

Test Questions

Our team is re-working our site orientation program starting with behavior, leadership and culture. From there we get into the safe work rules. Since every orientation has to have a test to document information retention we are creating all new test questions. In my experiences, too often tests are designed to ensure workers pass on... Continue Reading →

Acknowledge and Respond

One of my principles to establishing and maintaining a good safety culture among the crew members is to acknowledge and respond to their concerns in a timely manner. Some instances I can provide a resolution on the spot and other times it may require consulting with others and getting approvals (such as ideas for hard... Continue Reading →

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