Our Mission


Our purpose is twofold: provide mentoring, coaching, and guidance to safety professionals around the world by focusing on the vital skills of the profession. Additionally, to assist business owners with the development of their safety programs, safety culture and developing their safety staff.

What we believe:

We believe the vital skills of the safety professional is the ability to influence others at the executive level, peer level and crew level. By nature, position and title safety professionals are leaders and their vital skills must include interpersonal communication, trust building, servant attitudes, group dynamics, relationship building and conflict management among others.

Our vision:

  1. It is our vision to provide mentorship to aspiring safety professionals to work on the vital skills beyond the written rules and regulations.
  2. To transform safety staff into safety professionals.
  3. To help business owners understand the safety profession, how to utilize safety professionals and the condition of their safety program.
  4. To help safety professionals and the business owners/executives better understand each other’s roles and develop effective plans to reach their common goals.

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